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New Song Favs
February 12, 2011, 6:28 pm
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Here are some tunes I have been enjoying lately…

Amos Lee – Windows Are Rolled Down

Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Creep

Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Florence and The Machine (The XX Remix) – You Got The Love


Merci Paris
February 8, 2011, 7:16 am
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For our final day in Paris, after our trip to Les Puces, we walked down to the Opera House just about 10 blocks or so from our hotel.  The auditorium was closed for rehearsals, but the views of the stairway, halls and view from the balcony outside were amazing.  This place was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and so rich with history – it was founded in 1669 by Louis XIV.  Click here for a virtual tour – way better than my pictures!


We jumped in a taxi from the Opera House and headed to the highest hilltop in Paris – Montmarte, a suggestion from many people as a must see in Paris.  We were dropped off in front of the Basilica of The Sacred Heart, which overlooked Paris.  There were many tourists here and street performers.  Michael made a friend…


As we walked through the small cobble stone streets headed down the hill to find the Moulin Rouge, this quickly became one of my favorite areas of Paris.  There were so many cute little shops and artists everywhere lining the streets and courtyards.  After asking many times for directions, we finally found the Moulin Rouge.  A little bit of a let down during the day – next time, I will come when it is all lit up at night!  Click here to check out their awesome website.

We ended our last day in Paris for dinner at cafe near our hotel.  Cheer to Paris.  Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Les Puces
February 7, 2011, 7:04 am
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Saturday morning, Stephan who helps run our Through The Looking Glass business in France met Michael and I at our hotel to take us for a tour of Les Puces – the most famous flea market in Paris and the largest antique market in the world.  We send our TTLG clients here for a day to roam the huge markets while our appraisers help them pick the real items over the fakes – and there are a lot of fakes.  You could spend days roaming the miles and miles of markets.

The term “flea market” comes from this place!  Flea market comes from the French “marche aux puces”, a name originally given to this market in Paris which specialized in shabby second-hand goods of the kind that might contain fleas.

My camera was not happy with me and the focus was not working properly that morning.  Michael and Stephan were joking with me after I had declared that I had already taken close to 1000 photos in the past week.  They said that my camera wanted to rest.  I was not amused.  Below are a couple of okay shots that I got of Les Puces – before we had to go back to the hotel to pick up my spare camera 🙂

Cafe Ruc
February 7, 2011, 6:36 am
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Night before last, Michael and I ate at Cafe Ruc, just right across the street from the Hotel De Louvre.  This was another recommendation from my boss, and somewhere she sends our clients with Through The Looking Glass.   It was quite cozy inside and we were seated near a window so we could view the lively street outside.  We enjoyed some wine, steaks and some delicious mashed potatoes.  I tried the french onion soup which was yummy too.

We were seated next to a French couple who picked up that we were Americans right away.  We started chatting with them about America and Paris.  They lived in Boise, Idaho of all places for 4 years while the husband worked for Sargento Cheese – random, huh?  They raved about America and gave us many tips on French culture.  It was very pleasant to have a nice conversation with some strangers.  They finished up with their coffee and dessert right about when our main dishes arrived, so they said good bye and went on their way.

The next couple to sit down next to us (and you know the tables are really close together in these cafes) were from Memphis, TN.  The guy was a grouchy old man who was not happy that the menu was not in English and was asking for the most random foods.  He was the reason that some French people hate Americans.  We didn’t linger long after dinner.

I didn’t take my camera to dinner, so here are a couple of shots that I grabbed off google and some from my iPhone…

Paris – Day 3
February 4, 2011, 10:49 am
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After another delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Michael and I started out the day at Notre Dame – which was unbelievably beautiful, both outside and inside.

Next we took a taxi to the Arc De Triompe, which is much bigger than you think – see the photo below of Michael next too it.  There was a bride and groom taking photos nearby too…

From there we walked down one of the most famous streets in the world, The Avenue Des Champs-Elysees.  We grabbed some lunch at Pizza Vesuvio right near the Arc.  After lunch we jumped in another taxi and went to the Eiffel Tower again – this time during the day light hours.  We took the lift up to the top (well, not the very top which was closed), but we were high enough.  Amazing views from the top.  They even have a restaurants, shops and even an ice skating rink up there!

We are back at the room now for a quick rest before heading out to dinner later and some more adventures!  I love Paris.

Paris – Day 2 (museum day)
February 3, 2011, 7:38 pm
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Today was museum day.  Michael and I walked to the Musee D’ Orsay from our hotel after a lovely breakfast this morning.  We walked down the river Seine which was so beautiful.   Everywhere you turn in Paris, there is another picture perfect scene.

No photos allowed in the Musee D’ Orsay, so nothing to share here except a photo from outside the museum of a large image of a famous painting within…

We walked back toward the Louvre and enjoyed lunch at Cafe Marly – a recommendation from Debbie.  Our table overlooked inside the Louvre!

What is a trip to Paris without a trip to the Louvre?  What an amazing experience.  I studied many works of art in many art history classes in college and I saw more art here in 3 hours than all of the other museum trips put together in my life.  The place is huge – the halls go on forever.  You could spend a month here and still have more to see.  Some highlights:  Stela of Hammurabi, Seated Scribe, Venus De Milo, Victory of Samothrace (my fav), Mona Lisa (a bit of a let down since you couldn’t get more than 5ft close to it), The Wedding at Cana…just to name a few.  There was just too much to see.  It was a little overwhelming.  Truly, the biggest and most impressive museum in the world, right?

The crowd at the Mona Lisa…a bit smaller than I thought it was, and you couldn’t get very close to it – a little bit of a let down to be honest.

After the Louvre, we went back to our hotel to rest our feet for a little while.  Then we jumped on the metro to go check out the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We went to a late dinner at Domenico – just a couple of blocks from our hotel.  Delicious pizza!

More Hotel Du Louvre
February 3, 2011, 6:38 pm
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I met with one of the managers of the Hotel Du Louvre this morning to get a formal tour and get some more information about TTLG‘s future trips to the hotel.  Here are a couple of more photos from the hotel…

They have a fabulous breakfast bar with about anything you could ever want to eat in the morning before heading out on the town…

Inspired by the atmosphere of the hotel and the area of the Louvre, Arthur Conan Doyle featured the Hotel du Louvre in many of his stories about Sherlock Holmes and this is remembered by the many Sherlock Holmes associations who gather regularly at the hotel today…