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Cafe Ruc
February 7, 2011, 6:36 am
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Night before last, Michael and I ate at Cafe Ruc, just right across the street from the Hotel De Louvre.  This was another recommendation from my boss, and somewhere she sends our clients with Through The Looking Glass.   It was quite cozy inside and we were seated near a window so we could view the lively street outside.  We enjoyed some wine, steaks and some delicious mashed potatoes.  I tried the french onion soup which was yummy too.

We were seated next to a French couple who picked up that we were Americans right away.  We started chatting with them about America and Paris.  They lived in Boise, Idaho of all places for 4 years while the husband worked for Sargento Cheese – random, huh?  They raved about America and gave us many tips on French culture.  It was very pleasant to have a nice conversation with some strangers.  They finished up with their coffee and dessert right about when our main dishes arrived, so they said good bye and went on their way.

The next couple to sit down next to us (and you know the tables are really close together in these cafes) were from Memphis, TN.  The guy was a grouchy old man who was not happy that the menu was not in English and was asking for the most random foods.  He was the reason that some French people hate Americans.  We didn’t linger long after dinner.

I didn’t take my camera to dinner, so here are a couple of shots that I grabbed off google and some from my iPhone…


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